Attractiveness of Kenpoku AreaAttractiveness of Kenpoku Area

Enjoy the "Onsen Zanmai" area
(where "you can indulge in onsen ")
with 4 famous springs.

There are 132 Onsens (hot springs) in Fukushima, which is the 5th largest number in Japan. Among those, Kenpoku area, mainly around the capital city, Fukushima-shi, is only 90 minutes away in Shinkansen from Tokyo and has 4 famous hot springs, Iizaka Onsen, Tsuchiu Onsen, Takayu Onsen, and Dake Onsen. You can indulge in onsen in this area. It is great to enjoy one, or go onsen hopping. There are many places to go, see, and eat such as creative sweets and great scenic spot with autumn leaves. If you want to fully enjoy onsen, come to Kenpoku area in Fukushima.


  • 飯坂温泉
  • 土湯温泉 福島県 土湯温泉観光協会
  • あだたら高原 岳温泉
  • 極上温泉 高湯温泉 Takayu Hot-spring Resort
  • ふくしま地域活動