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Winning entries Announced!

  • Thank you for many entries to "Fukushima prefecture North Photo Contest" held from October 2017 to November 30th (Thurs.). Many wonderful entries were received from inside and outside of Fukushima prefecture, and each prize was given among them, as a result of judging severely by judges. We will announce the winning entries which can feel a variety of charm of Fukushima prefecture North region.

  • Fukushima Kenpoku Iine! Grand Award

    Hotel voucher in Fukushima for 60,000 yen

  • Iiyudesho (Good bath award)

    Hotel voucher at Takayu Onsen for Two

  • Utsukushiidesho (Beautiful award)

    Hotel voucher at Tsuchiyu Onsen for Two

  • Oishiidesho (Delicious award)

    Hotel voucher at Iizaka Onsen for Two

  • Soukaidesho (Refreshing award)

    Hotel voucher at Gaku Onsen for Two

  • Aete Ureshiidesho (Great to meet you award)

    Assorted local products

  • Special Recognition Award

    Special Kokeshi

Pictures are image
  • mabos2011

    Comment from judges

    Everything including comment is wonderful. It makes me feel like visiting this place.

  • beko0713

    Comment from judges

    Powerful work in which we can clearly find the effort for this best moment.

  • uta_toshi

    Comment from judges

    Beautiful picture utilizing the advantages of Instagram. The atmosphere of autumn is well conveyed.

  • たいBBA

    Comment from judges

    Wonderful work capturing a child who reaches hand to delicious looking fruits.

  • kane.n_photography

    Comment from judges

    Beautiful, refreshing work feeling the refreshing air in the morning.

  • shiromokonano

    Comment from judges

    Charming work capturing the moment finding delicious peach.

  • Leemu

    Comment from judges

    The atmosphere of countryside in Fukushima is well conveyed.

Special thanks to T.Fujiwara


●Application Rules
【Common for 1, 2, and 3】

  •  ※ Color photos only No compositing and editing
  •  ※ It must be an original photograph that has not been publicized anywhere, and all rights must be owned by the applicant.
  •  ※ The photograph needs to be taken in “Fukushima kenpoku (Fukushima-shi, Nihonmatsu-shi, Date-shi, Motomiya-shi, Kori-machi, Kunimi-machi, Kawamata-machi, Otama-mura)”.

【1 Instagram】

  •  ※ If you do not have a hashtag, posting the same picture multiple times, or if the picture is taken by other people, it is excluded from the selection.
  •  ※ This campaign is not supported, approved, operated, or related to Instagram.
  •  ※ If you have your posts as private on Instagram, please make you posts available to public on your profile when you apply. If it is private, it will be excluded from the selection.

【2 Form for posting on the website】

  •  ※ It must be under 1000 megapixel “jpg or jpeg” file and under 3MB in size.

【3 Via mail】

  •  ※ Size: 305mm X 254mm or A4 size
  •  ※ I can be either film or digital (Please develop or print it when you apply).
  •  ※ Single picture only (Not a set of pictures)


  • ・Pictures that recieved award may be used for the website, printing, and exhibition for the 4 Onsen area or Fukushima prefecture.
  • ・Please apply after you received the consent from the subject (building owners and people).
  • ・If you violate the copy rights, portrait rights of others, the organizer will not take any responsibility for the trouble.
  • ・If an award was given to such photograph, we may cancel the award.
  • ・You cannot decline after you apply.
  • ・if the photo violates copy rights, public order and morale, or privacy of others, it will be invalid for the contest.
  • ・Connection fee and cost is a burden of the applicant.
  • ・You cannot exchange the award with money or give away the award.
  • ・Participation in this campaign is done based on the judgement and responsibility of the applicant. If any damage were to happen to the applicant about participating in this contest, we will not be responsible unless it is intentional or gross negligence.
  • ・The photograph will be returned even when it is mailed in.
  • ・Please understand that we may scan the mailed pictures and post them on the website.
  • ・When posting the posted image on the website, the secretariat will not notify you.

●Copy rights and Private information
The copy rights will be owned by the organizer. Privacy information entered for this contest will be used for business such as notification of the results of the screening, inquiry about the photograph, webpage operation, usage in Fukushima related publishing, information about the next contest, and business related this contest.

Onsen Zanmai Fukushima KenpokuOnsen Zanmai Fukushima Kenpoku

  • North of Fukushima Nakadori area near Fukushima-shi, has 4 famous onsens, Iizaka Onsen, Tsuchiyu Onsen, Takayu Onsen, and Gaku Onsen, and is an "Onsen Zanmai" area where you can indulge in Onsen It has a great access from Tokyo Station and has delicious food and great scenic spot. Enjoy the fall in Fukushima Kenpoku!

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